Greyhounds are one of the oldest breeds of dogs, and appear in art and literature throughout history. In ancient Egypt, Greyhounds were mummified and buried along with their owners, and tombs were often decorated with Greyhound figures. A hieroglyph of a dog very much resembling the modern breeds Greyhound, Saluki, and Sloughi can be found in the writings of ancient Egypt. Alexander the Great had a Greyhound named Peritas. The Greyhound is mentioned in the Old Testament (Proverbs 30:29-31), Homer (Odyssey, where the only one to recognize Odysseus upon his return was his Greyhound, Argus), Chaucer (The Canterbury Tales), and Shakespeare (Henry V and Merry Wives of Windsor). Greek and Roman gods and goddesses were often portrayed with Greyhounds.
There are many differing explanations for the origin of the term Greyhound. One writer suggests that the original Greyhound stock was mostly grey in color. Another says the term derives from the Old English “grei,” meaning “dog,” and “hundr,” meaning “hunter.” Another explanation is that it is derived from “gre” or “gradus,” meaning “first rank among dogs.” Finally, it has been suggested that the term derives from Greekhound, since the hound reached England through the Greeks.
If your heart has not yet been captured by a greyhound and you’re thinking of getting one, we’d highly recommend rescuing. Below is a list of just a few of the fine greyhound adoption/rescue organizations located all around the world.
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Chien Levrier (greyhound)

Art: Chien Levrier (greyhound) : Lithography : Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire Frederic Cuvier

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Frederic Cuvier (1769-1832) & Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire (1772-1844); Hand-colored lithograph illustrated plate from Histoire Naturelle des Mammiferes, avec les figures originales.; Paris: 1824-42; Paper size: 12" x 18" This unusual publication of mammals was originally released in 72 parts (to be bound in 7 volumes) under the auspices of the Museum d'Histoire Naturelle of Paris. The animals were drawn from life generally at the zoo Jardin des Plantes in Paris. Most of the descriptions were by Cuvier, with Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire editing the work and offering periodic posts (indicating by his initials at the end of each post). The 2 last parts were modified and translucented the press by Cuvier's kid. A quarto edit was started in 1826, however ceased publication (with the 13th part) in July 1833. These are among a few of the most exquisitely rendered pictures of animals ever released. Cuvier has actually effectively brought each animal to life by his awesome skill for detail without forgetting the characteristics that give them character.

Greyhound (Trading Card) 1929 Player’s Dogs’ Heads by Arthur Wardle Small #16

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1929 Player's Dogs' Heads by Arthur Wardle Small # 16 – Greyhound